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O’PURO, The Green Dry Cleaners

You can call O'PURO "the green dry cleaners" because we offer a non-toxic and environmentally friendly alternative to chemical dry cleaning. Traditional chemical dry cleaning machines use perchloroethylene. O'PURO does not work with chemicals! If you choose to have apparel and textiles cleaned in a truly eco-friendly way, safe for environment and mankind, O'PURO is the solution.

During the dry cleaning process garments and textiles are turned around at low temperature, with less powerful mechanical movements than in the average washing machine, without chemical solvents and with professional cleaning soaps. Consequently fibers are better protected. The solvent is recycled in a continuous distillation process during which the dirt is extracted and stored in barrels. So nothing is discharged.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Buying clothes means an investment in time and money. You have a vested interest in that your favourite leather, suede, silk, linen and other garments will last as long as possible. It’s a matter of "sustainability" and "slow fashion" which means ethical quality fashion. Buying less, but better quality implies that you want to have longer pleasure of your quality clothing. And that is possible! By taking regular care of your clothing. In addition, you contribute to a healthier environment and you cope with dust mites and allergic reactions. To avoid cavities you brush your teeth every day, don’t you? Well, the same goes with apparel.

Entrust your city clothes, party wear and formal wear to O'PURO for cleaning before storing till the next season. Also uniform clothing, dance and theatre costumes are in safe hands at O'PURO.

O’PURO, No Magic

Your washing machine has a program for "delicate fabrics"

Watch out! Certain delicate fabrics such as satin and natural silk are really not suitable for the washing machine or hand wash when using an average detergent. It is not unlikely that these delicate fibers might shrink, expand or even break. But O’PURO has an excellent alternative. In The Laundress product collection you will find some detergents. With this detergent you can take up the challenge to wash the item yourself but don’t forget to follow up the washing instructions!

Clothing with sequins or pearls, in different colors and materials such as suede, leather and fur or fur imitations are not water resistant. Whenever these fabrics come in contact with water they harden and the colour can "degrade" or blur. Any 'dressing' (glazing agents or other coatings on textiles) may disappear or begin to stick. The form and structure of your beautiful dress may change ... And then this really has nothing to do with your figure. Conclusion:  do respect this notice and call on the professional care services of O’PURO.

The opposite may also occur. Some clothing manufacturers want to cover themselves as much as possible against possible damage claims of their customers. Or they want to give the impression that a blouse is made out of silk. They label the garment “only dry cleaning”, although you can wash the synthetic blouse yourself. Other delicate clothes in cashmere, angora and viscose can possibly be hand washed. You gently wash the garment in lukewarm water with some detergent from The Laundress range you find in our web shop. Afterwards you rinse it abundantly to remove all soap residues. Don’t put it in the spin drier and preferably dry flat on a towel. If you are in doubt whether something is for the machine wash, hand wash or dry cleaners, then play it safe. Ask O'PURO. Bring your dear clothing item to one of our service points. We will be happy to help.

With great care, knowledge and passion and with respect for the environment O'PURO takes care of the textiles that you’d better not clean yourself because of the complexity of the fabrics. Textile knowledge is a specialty. Every man to his trade. Perhaps O'PURO can adjust the garment that was mismanaged, but we can never restore it into its original condition.

O'PURO Hard For Tough Stains

Help! A stain! What shall we do now? Everyone knows some tips and tricks. Anyway. In many cases, the result is different from what you had hoped. You have to watch out for stains because they work into the fibers. They "nest” into the fabric. If you want to experiment with removing stains, you should bear in mind that you may never rub over the stain. Doing so, it will only get worse. That would be a pity for your dear clothing item.

What you have to do is dilute the stain immediately with water and keep it moist to avoid rings. In the O'PURO web shop and service points you will find a unique range of detergents and care products including stain removers. If you are in any doubt, we recommend bringing your garment as quickly as possible to your nearest O'PURO service point. Our textile experts will look at it with respect, advise you and if necessary take care of the garment.

As we are in a generous mood giving tips and tricks ... Never spray perfume or eau de toilette on your clothes! An adequate alternative that leaves no traces on clothing is O'PURO fabric fresh, for sale in the O'PURO web shop and service points. For more tips, click here.

Just tell us what you are aiming at and we will make it happen.

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